Sprouted SD Boule with Sprouted Levain

Last week I received a recipe for the French Boule made with sprouted flour and sprouted levain in the Jovial blog from Heidi. This recipe is the bomb! The sprouted levain is not as bubbly on the surface as the AP, though it is beautifully frothy and fragrant. And the dough felt a lot springier than dough with sprouted flour and AP or WW levain. Therefore no need to turn the dough. It rose magnificently on 1st & 2nd proofs. My “laming” skills fall woefully short., so the appearance lacks a bit of tidiness. I’m pretty sure this bread will hold the butter up just fine! Looking forward to sorting out the ciabatta recipe with sprouted levain. Carla, what are your thoughts?

2 responses to “Sprouted SD Boule with Sprouted Levain

  1. When you slash the loaf, try not go get too close to the edges. The sprouted flour has weak gluten and it cracks more than all-purpose flour. For the ciabatta, try reducing the flour 7%.

  2. Thanks for your response and instruction on slashing the bread. I truly need all the help I can get.

    I have successfully made the ciabatta with sprouted flour and either AP and WW levain by reducing it 7% as you suggest. The reduction in sprouted flour in the Boule recipe was 9% when using both sprouted levain and flour.

    I recognize they are very different breads, so there’s that, and perhaps that is the reason for the difference in percentages. Just want to understand and to avoid an epic fail.


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