Sourdough starter discard

I’m wondering about the sourdough recipe in the Einkorn cookbook. It doesn’t mention discard, unless removing any gray flour on top of the starter. I’m used to discarding daily for my other starters, so am not sure how to progress since each day discusses the add’n of flour, and even twice daily on days 6-10. That is a lot of flour w/o any discard. Am I missing something in the instructions?
Maybe you can show me the size of the jar for your starter after the 10 days? I’m going to need a MUCH bigger jar unless I discard at some point.
Thanks ever so much for your help with this.

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  1. On day 6 the refresh calls for just 10 g of starter (2 tsp). Each time you refresh you will move forward with 10 grams of starter, 30 grams of water and 60 grams of flour. See page 13 of the cookbook.

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