Slow Ferment Sourdough Bread

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I am experimenting with 48 hour sourdough recipes to aid in digestion. Since there are not a lot of recipes for this slow ferment, I would like to take existing sourdough recipes to use for slow rise. Would it be best to let the bread rise as the recipe calls for, then just place in fridge until the desired time to bake? There have been a few times that this has worked, but other times it seems that the bread had risen too much and deflated. Any advice of this slow ferment technique?

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  1. To get a slow ferment, you just lower the amount of starter you add to the recipe. If you want to leave your bread out for 48 hours, just add 10g of starter, instead of 60g. But, I would like to mention that slower fermenting does not necessarily equate to healthier or tastier sourdough bread, in my opinion. When you put the bread in the refrigerator, it slows down the fermentation, so that will lengthen the time it takes for the dough to rise too. In the end, I believe it’s not how fast or slow it takes to make your sourdough to leaven the bread that makes it better, it’s that you are baking with sourdough. If you use the levain method, you are fermenting that first to create more starter and that’s why the bread only has to rise 3 to 5 hours on the day of baking. Good luck!

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