Several questions

Hi Carla, Several months ago I ordered your cookbook and free flour. Then had to move so haven’t had a chance to try them. I have tried your Einkorn pasta and love it! Recently tried your Whole Grain GF Pastry Flour and love it as well! So glad to be able to get it in some stores.
Question: I bought for pancakes as that’s what’s pictured and only recipe on the box but after reading the box more closely it looks to me like you can use it for anything that calls for pastry flour, correct? And are there any adaptions needed? The box wasn’t clear.

Regarding Einkorn Flour: can you use it in place of flour in other recipes? The only thing I could find in the book was that Einkorn doesn’t absorb liquids as quickly and it looks like you don’t need to knead it as much. Is that correct?
Appreciate your help.

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  1. You could use our gluten free pastry flour in most recipes that are developed for gluten free, but not for a wheat recipe.
    Einkorn is very different than modern wheat since it has very weak gluten. You should weigh your ingredients for best results and what you mentioned is true-it will absorb liquids slower and you should not overwork the dough. Our YouTube videos are a great resource if you haven’t seen them.

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