Einkorn starter video

Questions from watching the video:
1) On day 6 and beyond, am I right in understanding that while you’re looking for bubbling to occur within 6 hours, you’re still only feeding every 24 hours? I ask because so many other sourdough recipes and videos say every 12 hours so just want to confirm.
2) For mature starter, do you mean let rest for 6-10 hours after feeding before putting in fridge in the situation only where you’re going to be away from home for an extended time? In other words, on an ongoing basis (say a month from now or longer) it would otherwise stay at room temp? At what point SHOULD the starter be transferred to the fridge?
3) When will I know that I only need to feed once per week, and is it in the fridge at that point?
4) The part at the end says replenish only as needed which sounds like at some point you stop feeding on a regular basis — is that years later or when?
Thanks! I’m brand new to sourdough making!

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  1. 1) yes, but you can refresh 2x per day to speed things up. 2) yes, and so that it is ready to use in recipes and at it’s most active (store in the fridge unless you are using for baking). 3) you only need to refresh 1x per week once it has reached the point where it is full of bubbles and no longer in a ball, but more spread out 4) you will need to refresh to keep it alive. 1x per week is recommended, but you can go longer in between if necessary. If you have more questions please email info@jovialfoods.com

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