HI, IT’S CARLA. As the founder of jovial foods, I’ve always wanted to create a space where einkorn bakers could compare notes. I also love to hear and learn from your feedback. And, if you have questions or want to show the community what you’re baking, please register and create a post. I’ll do my best to answer all questions about the cookbook, with help from the jovial staff. Welcome to the einkorn cookbook community!

Carla’s Sourdough French Boule

Carla’s Sourdough French Boule… My first attempt! I’ve been refreshing her starter often over the last few weeks and it’s supercharged! I used an oval Dutch oven and I turned it 3X’s like Carla instructs. The taste is AMAZING! I haven’t had a sandwich in months (gluten sensitive). I’m going to enjoy a BLT tomorrow… … Continued

Carla’s Neapolitan Pizza Margherita

SO delicious! Cooked on a pizza stone, Carla said to heat stone at 500F for 1hr. before baking. Jovial tomatoes and olive oil were perfect! I actually looked like I knew what I was doing, lol! The kids were eating them hot from oven as fast as I could make them. Thank you Carla <3

SOS Yeast Starter

SOS with my yeast starter! Whole Wheat Einkorn I made a double batch but from the beginning it was firm. 5hrs later, firm and drying out. What happened? Can I save this somehow?

help w yeast levain

I’m new to Einkorn! I have the cookbook by Carla Bartolucci. I made a double batch of yeast starter and it is very firm. I expected it to be thinner, did I mess up? I ‘m 99% sure that I got the ingredients correct. Oh, I am using your Jovial whole wheat flour. Thank you!

Packing foam

I notice they melt when they get wet. Will it hurt the Florida environment if we put them on the grass to melt in the rain


Thank you SO much for last night’s Einkorn Evening! Every minute was a treat and I learned SO much! Carla and her staff are wonderful!

NY pizza dough question

Every time I make the NY pizza dough, the crust is hard as a rock when it comes out of the oven. Not light and crispy, but break your teeth on it hard. I feel like I’m following the directions accordingly, any ideas/suggestions? Maybe kneading too much, or not enough? Not resting enough or too … Continued


I am on Day 16 with my starter using all purpose einkorn flour and following the instructions in your cookbook. I am still refreshing in the morning and at night and then placing in a dark cabinet. I have yet to see it bubble up within 5 hours and subside either because I go off … Continued

sourdough starter

Either now while I am still in the first week and refreshing every day or later when it is refrigerated and I am only refreshing once a week. Do I need to place my sourdough starter in a clean container every time I refresh it, or can I scrape it out, refresh, and add back … Continued