HI, IT’S CARLA. As the founder of jovial foods, I’ve always wanted to create a space where einkorn bakers could compare notes. I also love to hear and learn from your feedback. And, if you have questions or want to show the community what you’re baking, please register and create a post. I’ll do my best to answer all questions about the cookbook, with help from the jovial staff. Welcome to the einkorn cookbook community!

Whole grain starter and levain

I started a whole grain starter about two weeks ago and have refreshed daily for the last week. I ordered more flour during the cyber Monday sale and it arrived yesterday so I think I am ready to bake. I mixed up a levain last night with whole grain flour. I am wondering if it … Continued

Sourdough no knead bread

I made the sourdough dutch oven bread yesterday for the first time on a 5 day starter. It came out like a hockey puck, very flat and extremely dense but had great sourdough flavor. Should this get better and lighter with refreshing the starter?

sweet potato rolls

For the sweet potato rolls recipe on pg. 63. Is the 1 1/2 lbs. (500 gr.) Garnet sweet potatoes weighed after they are cooked and mashed or before when they are whole and raw. Thanks.

Sourdough starter discard

I’m wondering about the sourdough recipe in the Einkorn cookbook. It doesn’t mention discard, unless removing any gray flour on top of the starter. I’m used to discarding daily for my other starters, so am not sure how to progress since each day discusses the add’n of flour, and even twice daily on days 6-10. … Continued


I’m using sourdough starter for the piadina recipe on pg. 205 of Carla’s cookbook, Can I proof for the 4 hours and then refrigerate the dough and proceed as usual the next day?

Chocolate cupcakes

Hi there! I love every recipe I’ve made from the cookbook so far and the cupcakes in it are by far the best I’ve had. Do you think the chocolate cupcakes would convert to a cake easily enough? I know you generally can convert one to the other by adjusting cooktime but wanted to make … Continued

Question about Cookbook

I’m wondering if the recipes from the Einkorn cookbook are made purely with Einkorn flour or if they are a mix of Einkorn and all purpose flour? I’m looking to completely get away from all purpose flour. Thanks!

Disintegrating Pie Crust?

Hello! The short of it: I am hoping to get some help with my pie crusts before the holiday baking frenzy! The long of it: The holidays will soon be upon us again, and so my thoughts have turned to holiday baking. And for me, this specifically means pie (and lots of ’em!). Einkorn all-purpose … Continued