HI, IT’S CARLA. As the founder of jovial foods, I’ve always wanted to create a space where einkorn bakers could compare notes. I also love to hear and learn from your feedback. And, if you have questions or want to show the community what you’re baking, please register and create a post. I’ll do my best to answer all questions about the cookbook, with help from the jovial staff. Welcome to the einkorn cookbook community!

Einkorn Crispy Cocoa Cookie crust for cheesecake, YUM!

Hi Carla! I crushed up a box of your cocoa cookies and mixed with melted butter and pressed into the bottom of a spring form pan. I topped it with my favorite chocolate chip cheesecake recipe and baked! WOW!! The crust was perfect! Thank you Carla <3


I am new to sourdough and bread baking in general. I have followed your instr re: starter. Now what. Once it is completely ready I plan to keep it in the fridge. But how to I go from starter to bread. One recipe calls for “fed” starter. Also, I would prefer to use a bread … Continued

Several questions

Hi Carla, Several months ago I ordered your cookbook and free flour. Then had to move so haven’t had a chance to try them. I have tried your Einkorn pasta and love it! Recently tried your Whole Grain GF Pastry Flour and love it as well! So glad to be able to get it in … Continued

Shipping to Golden, British Columbia, Canada

Hello, I am so eager to try your products as both my son and I have some sort of intolerance to most wheat products. We have just discovered Einkorn wheat and love to bake with it. We are tired of the corn flour pastas and would love to try yours! Any chance there is shipping … Continued

Laminated doughs

I make croissants and puff pastry and would like to try my hand at making them with einkorn. Do you have any tips?

is salt necessary

I started baking einkorn sourdough so that I could control the salt content and allow my husband, who is waiting for a heart transplant, to still be able to eat bread. I was using a salt substitute, only to learn it is loaded with potassium and now his potassium count is too high. Can I … Continued


Carla, Thank you so much for all your products which are staples in my household. My family and I thank you! I own and use your Einkorn cookbook constantly. Please could you create a second? Kate


The video that showed how you put the bread dough in he colander and then you cut the top of the dough with a special knife. Where can I find one of those. Thank you Randy

Sourdough English Muffins

Hi Carla! Have you ever developed a recipe for sourdough English muffins? If not, I’d love to see one! Thanks, Alexa

Classic sandwich loaf

I made the classic sandwich loaf recipe on page 39 of the cookbook. I am wondering what is the purposes of leaving the bread in the hot pan for 15 minutes after baking before removing it. When I took the bread out of the pan, the crust was moist, as if it had been steamed. … Continued