HI, IT’S CARLA. As the founder of jovial foods, I’ve always wanted to create a space where einkorn bakers could compare notes. I also love to hear and learn from your feedback. And, if you have questions or want to show the community what you’re baking, please register and create a post. I’ll do my best to answer all questions about the cookbook, with help from the jovial staff. Welcome to the einkorn cookbook community!

Pecorino & Cannelini Bean Salad

For years, I’ve been making this dish with regular canned beans. This time I made it with Jovial’s jarred beans and my new bottle of Special Reserve olive oil. My Italian husband loved the new version of this dish and especially loves the traditional foods I’m preparing for our little family. When the children eat … Continued

Wheat Berries!

I just purchased my first couple boxes of wheat berries and used them in a recipe this past weekend for a healthy super bowl food fest! I call it “Meatballs a la Pizzaiola w/ wheat berries, arugula, & tomato medley”! It’s a mouthful to say, but the flavors meld together with just a hint of … Continued

Dense bread

I made your baguette recipe, to the letter, and it’s great except it’s dense. I was hoping this recipe would liberate my Italian family from modern wheat Italian bread. Should I use a longer rising time? Or, should I knead it more? I have your cookbook, love all of the recipes I’ve tried so far. … Continued

First Refresh…..

Do I only keep the “refreshed” portion and toss out the rest of the starter?

Starter, levain, and bread affirmation!

Ok, so here is my question….. I have the cookbook, and started my starter. Once it’s finished, it sounds like I take the amount needed to make my levain and then store the REMAINDER of the starter in the fridge, correct? Then I take my levain and let that rest for said amount of time, … Continued

question about pans for baking

I have been making sourdough bread for a year using regular organic unbleached flour. I am trying to switch over to Einkorn flour. I had bought some really nice USA Pans for making large loaf sandwich shaped bread with a lid for my sourdough bread. Are you familiar with these pans? Are they fine to … Continued

Heralding Ciabatta!

Ciabatta is my new fav! Last week it was the French Boule…next week it may be focaccia. Who knows?Yesterday I made ciabatta for the first time; it was quite thrilling to fling the dough from the couche on to the very hot baking pan…a bit tricky but oh so worth it. The bread is delicious!


Hi, It seems a lot of people have the question of SOURDOUGH STARTER, so I am wondering when will you post the video of making sourdough starter? It will really help many people including me. Thanks!

French Boule

This is the second French Boule I have baked (this one with sprouted einkorn) and it came out surprisingly well…in spite of my fluffing about with lack of confidence in my technique ( I use that word loosely). I am encouraged!