HI, IT’S CARLA. As the founder of jovial foods, I’ve always wanted to create a space where einkorn bakers could compare notes. I also love to hear and learn from your feedback. And, if you have questions or want to show the community what you’re baking, please register and create a post. I’ll do my best to answer all questions about the cookbook, with help from the jovial staff. Welcome to the einkorn cookbook community!

einkorn sourdough starter problems

I have attached a picture of my starter. It is not gooey or expanding at all. It is a firm dough ball, very dense.. It is 3 months old. I live in a very dry climate. I weigh my flour, take the temp of water, follow instructions. I’m wondering if it needs to be more … Continued


I am new to baking with einkorn so am a little unsure of what temp is best for proofing. I have the cookbook and many of the recipes say to proof at room temp. My ovens have a proofing cycle but it is an even 100 degrees. Should I not use my oven to proof?

Sourdough Starter

Hi there! I’m working to make my own sourdough starter from einkorn flour. I’m inexperienced and following a recipe, but I’ve found that there are 2 parts I’m very confused about. The first 4 days of creating the starting, I’m letting it sit for 48 hours, then 24 hours, then another 24 hours. Each time … Continued

Sourdough pancakes

Carla – My family lives by all of your delicious pancake recipes!! We love sourdough pancakes and would love them with Einkorn. Do you have a recipe you can share or plan to do blog post about them? We soak the whole wheat as you suggested in kefir and they are incredible. Thanks!


Can a cake be make without eggs and what is the secret to making a normal white cake? My first attempt was a big gooey flop!

Mixing Flours

Hi Carla…I plan to make grissini tomorrow. Will using AP and sprouted flours together yield a good result? If so, what is the water adjustment? And will using sprouted alone work, with the 5% water adjustment? So much to learn! Thank you, Barbara


HI! I just bought the cookbook and I love it. I back lots of regular sourdough bread but have never tried to make an Einkorn starter. I am following the directions in the cookbook and came across something that confused me a bit. I am using your whole wheat flour (the one in the bag, … Continued

Amount of flour

When using einkorn flour, I consistently have to add more liquid than the recipes call for. I do use a scale for the flour. It’s not necessarily a problem. I’m an experienced baker, sominjustvadjust as I need to. But I can see someone starting out might have more problems. Thoughts?

Einkorn flour

Hi! Just wanted to how glad I am to have found Einkorn flour! My daughter is very gluten sensitive but she can eat this with no problems. I use it like regular wheat flour but have found it to be a bit crumbly so I started adding some tapioca flour and now it works perfectly. … Continued

Cracked loaves

Hi Carla – I’m a total convert to einkorn and only use recipes fe your cookbook. I have been making the walnut bread (and sometimes the cinnamon version, yum!) and no matter what I do it gets huge cracks in it. I use a kitchen scale and follow the directions. My starter is well aged … Continued